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Producing a song is not really different than producing a soundtrack: the real difference, for me, lays in the attitude that drives me when I’m doing it.

The main goal when I write a song is to give shape to my feelings and my thoughts in order to express myself and deliver a message, touch the audience by both composing and performing.

Writing soundtracks is on the other side less linked to my inner world, it starts from an image or an atmosphere suggested from the outside and the goal is that of creating a soundscape that makes the audience enter that image, feel that atmosphere. This unties me from my personal dimension and from the limits of a live performance and allows me to be more free in the choice of instruments as well as in the style of music.

I do the whole job: I write the music, I play (guitar, flute, easy piano parts) and sing or sometimes write scores and engage others to perform, in case of theater pieces I can coordinate and lead an ensemble for live performance, I record, I program virtual instruments, I can even take care of spoken words, if there are any: I have a warm voice and a very good pronunciation (in Italian as a native speaker and in English, German, Spanish and French with a light -or stronger- Italian accent). Finally I mix and I can even do a decent master or, when an excellent sound is priority, I engage a professional mastering engineer in order to deliver a finished product that fulfills all the expectations of the client.

You can listen to some examples of my soundtracks here below.

Soundtracks on commission

Composition & overall production

Music for my VoiceOver Portfolio

Soundscapes Live on Stage

Other examples

If you want to hire me as a composer for your video, commercial, website, yoga lesson, theater piece or whatever you need music for, contact me at best via email and specify the length of the track, the kind of music or of atmosphere, if you have any specific instrument you’d like to hear, if you want vocals and if so if you need lyrics or if you have them already, anything that can help me in making an esteem of how long it will take me to do the work and how much it will cost you.

There are innumerable variants of contracts used by most of my colleagues, with super complicated licensing clauses. I prefer not to spoil my beautiful job with unnecessary paper-work: I write the music for you and I sell it to you for the purpose agreed at the agreed price. Easy as that. (With the exception of big productions, which usually require more complex contracts.)

The prices vary according to length, number of instruments, possible musicians engaged, as well as to what the music will be used for.

It is also possible to buy one of the ready tracks that are in my playlists of course, in case you find a suitable one. This will cost you a bit less than having the same kind of music composed on purpose for you, and with no waiting time. Still the price can change depending on the use that you will make of the track, so just as above: contact me via e-mail and ask.

In case your production with my music will be online, I will use the link in my references.

In case of theater pieces with live music other factors come into play: I’m open to hear your project and if I’m interested we will surely find a good deal for a collaboration. Again: contact me via e-mail and describe your wishes.

Get in contact for inquiries hereOr see under Contact on my homepage.