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… if you think that I should go on pursuing my goal to become an independent full-time musician, so to be able to improve my skills, produce more records and videos for you to enjoy, organize tours to bring my music in the world and raise the quality of my productions. 

Go on reading, because there are many exclusive gifts as a reward for all the supporters!

By clicking on the button below you will be directed to a Paypal page: you can choose to make a one-time donation or a monthly-based donation, the amount is up to you. Monthly based donations, even just for the cost of a coffee, but from a good number of faithful fans, can really make a difference in the life of a musician, since there are basically no regular incomes in this profession.

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Your generosity will be rewarded!

At the end of each year you will get great gifts as a thank you for your donations during that year. 


5 - 20€ / Year

- Your name under the special thanks of each publication of that year and the following as well as in the patron-list at the bottom of this page
- MP3 files of all published songs and albums of that year and the following via email
- PDF lyric sheet with english translations via e-mail of all songs published in that year and the following

20 - 50€ / Year

- All of above +
- Compilation of the best moments filmed during the rehearsals of that year

50 - 80€ / Year

- All of above +
- Free entry & access to backstage/chat with me and my band (not every venue has a backstage…) for all concerts of that year and the following. This applies only to paid concerts. Only possible if you notify me that you will be at that given concert in advance via email

80 - 110€ / Year

- All of above +
- Video with special personalized version of „Happy Birthday“ for your next birthday

110 - 140€ / Year

- All of above +
- Video of a cover song of you choice

More than 140€ / Year

- All of above +
- 30 minutes private streaming concert with songs chosen by you, on a date of your choice

Thank you!

My patrons are:

R. Schwarz, Jeanne Willhalm