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June 21st, Festa dell Musica, Marsciano
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Transition time...
Working on lyrics and planning a big life-style change... I'll soon be back!

Warm&Cool songs by a raw-power artist 

Irene Graziadei is an Italian independent artist, now living again in central Italy, after many years in Berlin.

On the stage she plays electric guitar and sings, using effects and loop-station, producing a direct and personal, pretty grungy alternative songwriting. What most impresses her audience is the way she uses her voice, covering a wide range and modulating from rough to brilliant, from whisper to scream. Her songs describe her search for truthfulness: often unconventional if not even weird, they still sound simple and straightforward, from time to time round and sharp-cornered, talking straight or maybe leaving a slice of ambiguity. Sometimes edgy, others dramatic or maybe ironical, hermetical as well as the exact opposite, the lyrics, mostly in Italian, drive the composition and the performance, so that even non-Italian speakers catch the intention and get touched by it in ways that go beyond reason and language.

One-Woman Music Production

From the very beginning of her career Irene has been learning how to record and produce her music. Arranging, recording, mixing: the whole work behind a piece of music has always fascinated her and being able to record and produce her songs by herself was the best way for her to work. After private lessons, musicology studies, early music experience as a child, who knows how many tutorials about mixing techniques and some extra workshops she found herself composing and producing even other kinds of music, instrumental stuff, soundtracks, using both acoustic and electronic instruments and taking advantage of the technology available and so delivering finished and fully self-produced pieces of music, in various styles and for quite any instrument. Since 2021 Irene is also dedicating herself to the production of high-quality VoiceOver recordings for any purposes and in 5 different languages.

Short Bio

After a long and contorted way searching for her artistic language, from flute and music theory lessons as a child, writing from the age of 7, then some theater experiences as a teenager and even some experiments with visual arts, Irene started to write songs and to take lessons in guitar and music theory&production by Friedrich Schapper in 2007. Between 2010 and 2013 she attended the faculty of musicology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where she integrated her knowledge of harmony, composition, music history and production. Since then she’s been composing and performing regularly in various clubs in Berlin until, at the end of 2022, she moved back to Italy for a radical life-style change: she now lives in Umbria (central Italy) on the countryside and from there she’s looking for gig opportunities in Italy.


August 2015: Homemade (EP) ✶ August 2015:  Pelle (videoclip) ✶ Summer 2016: Spine + La marcia dell’umore nero (singles on the A++ Compilation II) ✶ May 2020: Anno 2020 (videoclip) ✶ November 2020: Lontano (videoclip)


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  • June 21st, at 23.00: Festa della Musica, Piazza del Catraione, Marsciano (PG). 
  • 2022, September 9th: “GoodBye Berlin Concert”, Solo performance, at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • 2021, August 18th: “The Voice of Women”  interactive performance with Heads And Voices (live-painting : Ilona Ottenbreit, words: Judith Evers, sound: Irene Graziadei) as part of “Hošek Contemporary Prize 2021 “, @ MS Heimatland, Berlin
  • 2021, May 27th: “The Voice of Women”  interactive performance with Heads And Voices (live-painting : Ilona Ottenbreit, words: Judith Evers, sound: Irene Graziadei) as part of PAF (Performance Art Festival) @ Novilla, Berlin (ONLINE EVENT!) YouTube link:
  • 2021, March 25th: Irene Graziadei live @ Mastulsessions (ONLINE EVENT!) YouTube link:
  • 2020, October 24th: Transformation durch das Wort – Hommage an Christoph Schlingensief. Interactive performance with live-painting (Ilona Ottenbreit), words (Judith Evers) & sound (Irene Graziadei), @ Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
  • 2020, October 8th: live for Psychosoziale Initiative Moabit, Berlin 
  • 2020, September 30th: live for Psychosoziale Initiative Moabit, Berlin                                                     
  • 2020,  September 13th: “Im Strudel des Wandels – Hommage an Christoph Schlingensief”. Interactive performance with Ilona Ottenbreit (live painting), Judith Evers (words), Irene Graziadei (sound) @ Städtische Museum Braunschweig
  • 2020, August 28th: “We are all human – Different but same” – BLACK LIVES MATTER. Interactive live-painting, word & sound performance with Ilona Ottenbreit, Judith Evers and Irene Graziadei @ Novilla, Berlin.
  • 2020, August 19th: Silent Concert @ Hrmnnbox vol. 7, Berlin
  • 2020, February 14th: live at Deriva, Berlin
  • 2019, November 17th: Berlin Spricht at Stadtwerkstatt, Berlin 
  • 2019, October 10th: Jeudi Foster at Madame Claude, Berlin
  • 2019, October 5th: Fest zum Tag der deutschen Einheit at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
  • 2019, September 6th: Urban Art Week at Kulturbotschaft, Berlin
  • 2019, September 5th: live for Boys Will Be Boys at Frauenkreis, Berlin
  • 2019, July 24th: live for AKB goes Palais Populair, Berlin
  • 2019, June 21st: Festa della Musica, Arco (IT)
  • 2019, April 26th: live for Little Secret Exhibition at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin
  • 2019, March 8th: live for Sketch the Moment III Exhibition at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin
  • 2019, January 22nd: live at Wilma, Berlin
  • 2018, October 26th: live at Arcanoa, Berlin
  • 2018, September: Open Studios at GlogauAir, Berlin
  • 2018, September 7th: live at Artliners, Berlin
  • 2018, August: live at Madame Claude, Berlin
  • 2018, July 13th: live for Berlin Heroes at Galerie ZeitZone
  • 2018, July: Sommerparty at Forum Factory, Berlin
  • 2018, June 12th: AKB Songslam at Cassiopeiea, Berlin
  • 2018, May 25th: live at Arcanoa, Berlin
  • 2018, March 9th: live for Sketch the Moment II Exhibition at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin
  • 2017, June: XB Sunday Matinee at XB-Liebig, Berlin
  • 2017, May 13th: Birthday & Benefit Party at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin
  • 2017, April 13th: live at Intertank, Berlin
  • 2017, March: Open Studios Inform at Funkhaus, Berlin
  • 2017, February: live for Anthology of the Invisible at Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin
  • 2017, January 20th: live at Arcanoa, Berlin
  • 2016, December: Freaky Friday at Madame Claude, Berlin
  • 2016, November:  live at Folkbar Zukunft, Berlin
  • 2016, July: Weißenseer Blumenfest, Berlin-Weißensee  
  • 2016, April: Support Act for Megan Lane (CAN) at Tiefgrund, Berlin
  • 2015, December: Freitags Überraschungsessen at Überraschung, Berlin
  • 2015, December: Folk Night at Bödi 9, Berlin
  • 2015, November: SingerSongwriter evening for Musiklaboratorium at 12 Grad Aethereologe, Berlin
  • 2015, October 16th: live at Oblomov, Berlin
  • 2015, September 27th: Live recording session at CultureContainer, Berlin
  • 2015, September: Live for Panke Parcours at Golden Lounge, Berlin
  • 2015, August: EAST SIDE MUSIC DAYS, Berlin
  • 2015, August: live at Arcanoa, Berlin
  • 2015, July 22nd: live at Hard Rock 2 Club, Berlin
  • 2015, July 10th: live at  Lagari, Berlin
  • 2015, July: Open Studios at Funkhaus, Berlin
  • 2015, June 16th: live at Hard Rock 2 Club, Berlin
  • 2015, June 9th: Kulturtrinken at Kukulida e.V., Dresden
  • 2015, April: Frei ausm Bauch Slam Poetry/Singer Songwriter/Streetart at YAAM, Berlin
  • 2015, March 25th: live at Hard Rock 2 Club, Berlin
  • 2015, March 8th: live at Folkbar Zukunft, Berlin
  • 2015, February: Habemus Samstag at Madame Claude, Berlin
  • 2015, February 7th: live at Peppy Guggenheim, Berlin
  • 2014, December 13th: Trickster’s Birthday Party at Trickster, Berlin
  • 2014, December 13th: A++ BerlinMusiCooperation Lounch Party at Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin
  • 2014, November 27th: live recording sessions at Culture Container, Berlin
  • 2014, November 1st: live at Oblomov, Berlin
  • 2014, October 22nd: live at Hard Rock 2 Club, Berlin
  • 2014, September 12th: live at Lagari, Berlin
  • 2014, August 9th: live at Arcanoa, Berlin
  • 2014, July: live at Madame Claude, Berlin
  • 2014, July 19th: live at Hard Rock 2 Club, Berlin
  • 2014, June 4th: live with Giole Pagliaccia at Intersoup, Berlin
  • 2014, June 21st: finissage exhibition “Roots/Leaves” at Galerie im Erd und Feuer, Berlin
  • 2014, April 7th: Open Studios at Funkhaus, Berlin
  • 2014, March 13th: live at Fuk;s, Berlin
  • 2014, January 31st: Debut Concert at MaThilda, Berli